Synthetic eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural eyelash, not to the skin. Eyelash extensions can be used to create the effect of longer, fuller lashes and eliminate the need to wear mascara. Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth cycle and after care of extensions.


Henna or (Mehndi) is a dye extracted from ground leaves of a Henna plant. When placed on the skin and leaves a reddish color stain that remains for several days up to a few weeks. Henna is beautiful and is celebratory in a variety of occasions but can also be worn for any occasion. We ask that you leave the area you want henna, free from oil based products for best results. 


On such an important day, Brides can be relax and be pampered while My Shanti Bar worries about executing the details of your bridal look. We offer full-service bridal bookings with pricing and packages affordable to the big day. Hair, Makeup, Lashes and Henna are all options that can be selected by the bride. Call today to book your bridal consultation.